MASTAS, which has been carrying out its operations up to the present since 1976, manufactures hydraulic cylinders and welded metalwork products thanks to its staff members who are experienced, specialized, innovative and technically-equipped.

It offers service to its domestic and international customers at a manufacturing site of 22.000 m², 15.000m² of which is closed, located in Izmir/Odemis.

The facility, which has a wide range of products with a diameter of 16mm to 210mm and a length up to 4.000mm, has a hydraulic cylinder manufacturing capacity of 100.000 pieces annually, thanks to its advanced technology and know-how. It has a manufacturing capacity of 20.000 tons on annual basis at its sheet metal processing facility which consists of the CNC Cutting, CNC Spinning, Welding Bend, Welding, Sandblasting and Machining units it incorporates. Being a reliable manufacturer, MASTAS offers service as based on a quality concept as required by the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certificates, it holds, for all products.


By implementing this policy, the top management of MASTAS MAKINA SAN. VE TIC. A.S. is committed to fulfilling and declares that it shall fulfill the fundamental principles given herein as required for the purpose of ensuring that the information assets are protected in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility and also that the continuity and sustainability of such assets are maintained by means of the Information Security Management System to be established as one of the requirements for the continuation and development of the sustainable competitive power while carrying out the manufacturing in the Machinery industry as based on its vision to provide solutions of good quality and timely for the requests and requirements of its customers. 

  • Ensuring the involvement and support as required with respect to ensuring the compliance with the conditions and requirements of the Information Security Management System standard;
  • Ensuring that the activities and operations are carried out in compliance with the requirements as set out by the laws, regulations, guidelines of the Republic of Turkey as well as the customer agreements and such other statutory regulations as required by the business;
  • Ensuring that the support as required for the measures to be taken against any unauthorized use, disclosure of and damage to any and all information assets covered herein is provided;
  • Ensuring that the support and contribution are provided as required for the activities to be carried out with respect to mitigation of the identified risks to acceptable levels upon performance of the assessment for the risks on the information assets;
  • Ensuring that the support is provided as required for the planning to be made with respect to provision of the awareness programs, which will raise the information security awareness of the staff members and encourage them to make contribution to the functioning of the system, to the staff members and also to the staff members of the suppliers, where relevant, on regular basis;
  • Ensuring that the support is provided as required for the activities to be carried out for the purpose of determining, reporting, closing and preventing the recurrence of any actual or suspected breaches with respect to the information security incidents;
  • Ensuring that the support and contribution are provided as required for enabling the continuous access to the information at the planned levels by ensuring business continuity; 
  • Ensuring that the necessary resources to be determined for the purpose of implementation, continuance and improvement of the Information Security Management System are provided;

Actions shall be taken to take into account the information security requirements at each stage by integrating the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System with the business processes of our company.